Cooking Tip: Basting Eggs

I am probably one of the last people anyone should look to for advice on cooking, but when I hear about something that works I want to pass it on! This particular nugget was from Man Vs. Food– a favorite show of my husband’s.

Add water at this point. Notice how lovely orange and tall those fresh yolks are!

We fry a LOT of eggs in this house.  I like mine sunny side up, but with all the white cooked.  Basting is simply a way of gently cooking the top side of the egg without having to flip them and without endangering their “dippy” properties.

Whites cooked, yolks still runny.

Simply add a teaspoon of water to the pan after the bottoms have cooked part way. Then cover with a lid.  You will hear the steam as it is gently cooking the top of the egg.  As soon as a light film appears over top, you know the whites are done and the yolks are still dippy!

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4 Responses to Cooking Tip: Basting Eggs

  1. Linda says:

    This is one I’m definitely going to try!

  2. Lisa K says:

    My almost 15 year old son loves that show, too, and had to tell me the same tip! I guess he wanted me to take hint for the next time I made him breakfast.

    ps we call them “surprise eggs” because the “dippy part” is hiding inside…(we have 2 younger kids so we have a lot of slang); this is much safer than trying to turn them! We wouldn’t want to break and spill the precious inside!!!

  3. Glory Lennon says:

    This is way cool! Thanks for the tip.

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