Shave and a haircut…

It was a lovely mild morning today and my friend Lynn came for a visit.  Lynn is a groomer by trade and she brought some of her helpful implements to do trims amongst the flock.

Dave holds Daphne before her trim. She is quite wooly faced.

We have just one line of sheep that grows too much wool on their face and it needs to be cut back twice a year in addition to the annual shearing.

Sheep can develop a condition called wool-blindness.  The wool literally obscures the vision and the sheep begins to bump into things.  Some people consider this a fault, but it really isn’t a big deal–just give them a haircut. (I guess if you have hundreds or thousands of sheep it would be an issue).  At WoolyAcres it is not a problem!

Lynn trims Daphne with an electric razor.

Lynn trimmed Daphne and then went and “prettied-up” the rest so they wouldn’t feel left out!  I have very well-groomed sheep now!

Looking good!

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5 Responses to Shave and a haircut…

  1. Andy P says:

    I bet she is so happy now!

  2. Liz Johns says:

    I like it. Giving your sheep a hair cut 🙂
    My sheep were sheared a couple of weeks ago and one of them was revealed to have an enormous bum. Check this sheep pic out, you might find it funny (being a sheepy person too.)

    • Julie Helms says:

      I had looked at your blog when you posted that but the pic wasn’t showing for me. So glad to be able to see it now! What breed is he? Is it a fat-tailed breed? Mine can put on pads back there but it doesn’t compare to your Sean! It reminds me of a camels hump. Lol! 🙂

  3. Glory Lennon says:

    So, I’m wondering…does Lynn still charge only two bits for the shave and the haircut? Great price! Does she by change do Tommies as well as sheep? 😉

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