Another sheep enthusiast

Brenda Nelson is a fellow blogger, writer and shepherdess.  Her blog Baa Ram Ewe Sheep follows the story of her hobby farm (Kaleidoscope Acres) in Alberta, Canada.  Brenda raises a very different type of sheep than my woolies.  They are hair sheep and do not need to be shorn; they shed instead.

(Click on the embedded links to learn more about them)

I also discovered that Brenda is a fantastic artist!  Check out this painting she did of her ram.  He is a hair sheep and his breed is Barbado.

Here is the photo of her Barbado ram

Here is Brenda's painting of him

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3 Responses to Another sheep enthusiast

  1. Glory Lennon says:

    I wonder, Julie, does Brenda sell the hair and if she does, is it used like wool to make yarn? She is indeed a great artist.

    • Julie Helms says:

      Maybe Brenda will see this and give you a better answer. You can also contact her through her link (she is a fellow Heliumite!) I know some people spin their cat and dog hair, so I guess you could do this hair also. I have no idea what kind of product it would make.

  2. To Julie
    Thanks so much for the mention!

    To Glory
    Their hair is very much like a German Shepherd dogs hair and sheds the same way. You cannot spin it. THis year we have a Katahdin Ram, no horns, but a lovely mane. I rather prefer them with horns because we can use the horns as handles.
    In regards to the pictured ram – There is a lot of confusion with the name, in my area Barbado is the common term, but other areas refer to these as American Blackbelly Sheep.

    Anyhow again – thanks all!

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