One day she’ll make a great mother!

On November 19, about 3 weeks ago, I posted on Facebook that one of my hens did not come home to roost that evening.  I do a head count when I lock up the coop at night.

A missing chicken can mean only one thing…the fox is back.  A fox is a fairly polite predator; she takes one chicken at a time, usually no fuss, no muss.  There is just one less chicken the next day.

But the next night I was quite surprised to have my headcount back to normal– the missing hen had returned!  I figured she just got too far away from the coop and didn’t make it back by nightfall so roosted in a tree the previous night.

That was 3 weeks ago and she hasn’t been back since.  About every 3 or 4 days I would count enough chickens roaming around together, so I knew she was still with us intermittently.  But where was she for the rest of the days and at night??  Highly unusual!

Today the mystery has been solved.  Dave found her sitting on a nest alongside our porch, hidden under a lilac bush and yucca plant.  Bless her heart she is sitting on 15 frozen and cracked eggs trying to hatch them out.  We will remove the eggs today and hopefully she will return to the coop tonight where she will be warmer and much safer.

But come spring, this young broody gal may prove to be a great setter and dedicated mother!

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3 Responses to One day she’ll make a great mother!

  1. Glory Lennon says:

    Oh, how sweet! And sad. Such diligence with no return. Poor little chickie. maybe she’ll have better luck come spring.

  2. Julie Helms says:

    Oh, I hope so. I just love hen-raised chicks, better than incubator hatched. For one thing they join in with the flock seemlessly, whereas if I hatch them and raise them it is a hassle to get them accepted. It’s also very cute watching a mother hen waddle around with a row of babies waddling as fast as they can behind her!

  3. laurasaw says:

    Oh my, I hope she will come in out of the wind at night now. Maybe you can put a few fake eggs in a nest in the coop to keep her out of trouble. I’m amazed that one of your cats didn’t find her irresistible there.

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