Wooly Wear part 2

Here are a few more items made by my mom from wool for our family!

(Photo: We each got one of these hats and they were very woogy [warm and comfy]. This is from when we had natural colored sheep)




(Photo: A beautiful sweater with a sheep in an apple orchard design)

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5 Responses to Wooly Wear part 2

  1. Linda Flaig Glasschroeder says:

    Gorgeous! Your Mom is very talented!!

  2. PA Lisa says:

    The sheep on the sweater are adorable. Is this mama bear’s, papa bear’s, or one of the baby bears’ sweaters?

  3. Laura says:

    The sheep sweater belongs to mama bear – the individual sheep were made out of wool of each of her sheep so it was supposed to represent her flock.

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