Sheep humor

Sometime back in the 90s, on a total lark, I submitted something funny my husband said, to Christian Reader (similar to Reader’s Digest).  They accepted it and sent me a check for $35!  The magazine heavily edited what I wrote.  This originally happened when my husband was telling business associates about our farm over a business lunch.


Some sheep farmers were visited by friends from the city

The city friend asked, “How can you bear to slaughter those cute little

The farmer explained, “We try not to get emotionally attached
to the ones we plan to eat, so we don’t name them.”

Wondering how the children could stand to eat something they had
raised, the friend probed, “Well what about your kids?”

To that the farmer quickly replied, “Oh, we named them!”

(Julie Helms, Goshen, Indiana. Christian Reader, “Lite Fare.”)


Of course the original is in a print magazine, but I ran across it on the internet a few years back when I googled my own name (please tell me I’m not the only one who has done that!) And, lo and behold, this joke showed up with my name attached.  I clicked on the link and found it used as an illustration in a pastor’s sermon!  😀

(Truffles, our Nubian x goat…..well, you didn’t expect me to put a cute picture of a sheep on this page, did you??)

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One Response to Sheep humor

  1. Glory Lennon says:

    LOL! Good thing you named the kids.

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