**Wonderful Wooly Wear**

The first thing people always ask me after finding out that I raise sheep with such great quality wool is, “so you spin and weave it?”  Lamely, I always answer, “No, but I wear it!”

The truth of it is we grow it and shear it and bag it, then hand it over to my mother.  She is a woman of many great talents including spinning, weaving, knitting and crocheting.  Over the years she has blessed us with wool hats, scarves, sweaters and afghans–all with names so we know which sheep it came from!  (photo: Laura Sawyer aka my mom)

Several years ago mom made all of us matching, yet unique scarves.  Each one is knit with a different pattern.  My husband’s is the one without the fringe.  They are beautiful! They are seen in the photo below, but please remember they have 3 or 4 winters under their belts now and are a bit tattered around the edges.  🙂

Peaches wanted to be part of the photo-shoot!

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One Response to **Wonderful Wooly Wear**

  1. laurasaw says:

    Can I upload some photos for you here?

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