Meet the Flock: Colin

Colin holds a very special place in my heart.  He and his twin sister Coleen were from Brianna’s first lambing in 2008.  He was born first, followed very quickly by his sister.  Apparently mom didn’t notice that two babies had arrived and lavished all her attention on her little girl.  Colin was completely rejected.

We tried what we could to get Brianna to accept Colin, but she was butting him and began to try stomping him, so he moved into the house with us.  Bottle feedings came every two hours and I was immediately transported back to the days (and sleepless nights) of my own newborns!

He visited inside the house frequently and loved playing with our collie, Fraser. They would play chase out in the backyard.  Fraser would try to herd him into a proper circle and Colin would just zoom off like a rocket, then wait for Fraser to catch up, huffing and puffing.

We tried to castrate him at the appropriate time, but being our first attempt at this, didn’t get it quite right. We never would normally castrate a lamb as we don’t keep any of the males.   The (dog and cat) vet took us in immediately and neutered Colin under anesthesia.  Everyone at the vet clinic fell in love with this social little lambie.  The vet even brought his kids in to play with Colin.  We brought him home after his surgery.

After about two days he began to fail.  He was despondent, not bouncing back from surgery at all.  The horse vet happened to be coming that day, and though she doesn’t normally see sheep she took a quick look.  He was badly infected and needed more surgery.  Back to the dog vet, then he was fine (and we were about $350 less rich all told).

So our little boy grew up just fine.  He comes when he’s called, follows me around when I’m working in the barnyard, and one of the most amazing things–as an almost 3-year old now, he STILL stotts!  (That’s sproinging on all 4 legs at once done by lambs.) I would love to catch that on video!

His wool is very nice and he has won awards with it in the spinning category (medium) at Maryland Sheep and Wool, Fleece Show and Sale.

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5 Responses to Meet the Flock: Colin

  1. Debbie says:

    Awwwwwwww!!!! 🙂

  2. Christopher Crocker says:

    I would hug Colin.

  3. Julie Helms says:

    I still hug him–he’s my baby! I need to post a current pic though because he looks a tad different now that he is all grown up.

  4. Stan says:

    I miss him, although Duncan is my buddy. Duncan flips the latch on Bleau’s stall and lets him out of a morning now.

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