Meet the (other) flock: White Orpingtons

Usually I pick my flock of chickens based on color.  A little bit of this, a little bit of that, that sort of thing.  For some reason, this time I wanted white.  Sounds boring I know, but I thought some lovely white chickens bobbing around against the background of a green pasture would be pretty.  They may be a bit camouflaged in the snow, though! 🙂

The second reason I changed how I picked chickens this time around (these were hatched in April from Murray McMurray) was because I did not want mixed-breed babies.  The books all say that once the offspring become mixed they lose their high egg-laying production abilities–this I found was indeed true in the past.  So with only one breed in my flock, all future babies will be pure.

As usual I love brown-egg layers AND large birds.  So I chose White Orpingtons.  The hens have the most attractive large, fluffy back ends that waddle pleasantly as they walk!

These are my birds below.  We have one rooster and 6 hens (unfortunately we lost one today when it unsuccessfully crossed the road).  They remain unnamed, because honestly, I can’t tell the hens apart!  Suggestions will be accepted!

This picture was taken about a month ago at the height of our Fall Foliage.

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One Response to Meet the (other) flock: White Orpingtons

  1. Christopher Crocker says:

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    You’re blog is a lot of fun! I hope you keep writing.

    Ask Andy about adding google analytics, its pretty cool to see where all your hits are coming from.

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