Meet the Flock: Saxon

The star of the flock is our ram Saxon. We purchased him in 2006 as a lamb from Ruppert’s Corriedales.

His fleece is beautifully soft, white and crimpy.  At Maryland Sheep and Wool, Fleece Show & Sale 2008 and 2009 Saxon’s fleece won Best of Breed (Corriedale) and the Jane Highland Award (best white spinning fleece).  In 2009, it also won Best of all Breeds and Reserve Grand Champion.

Saxon’s lambs all take after him and have done very well at show also.  Saxon is an unregistered purebred Corriedale, bred through AI from Australia’s Liberton Corriedales.

We knew from his lambhood that Saxon was very friendly.  For as long as you are willing to stand there and scritch and scratch he’ll give his full attention.  As he matured, he did get “rammy”; as long as you are on the other side of the fence he remains lovable. He weighs about 275 lbs– a very big boy.

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One Response to Meet the Flock: Saxon

  1. Debbie says:

    I think the goats are on your farm to provide comedic entertainment. I LOVE Goats and think they are most lovable. Plus, maybe their milk could come in handy?

    YAY on the blog!!!

    ~Me in NH

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