Welcome to WoolyAcres!

WoolyAcres is our small farm here in south central PA where we raise and breed Corriedale sheep.  Other occupants include a flock of White Orpington chickens and two nine Nubian cross goats.

We raise our sheep for wool and meat, the chickens for eggs, and I haven’t figured out what the goats are doing here yet.  🙂

Please subscribe to be kept updated on fleece and lamb sales, animal antics and all the fun pictures I *plan* to take!

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6 Responses to Welcome to WoolyAcres!

  1. Liz Johns says:

    What lovely chooks and sheep you have. Mine are all scruffy compared with how tidy yours look. 🙂 I’ll check back again to see how life on the farm is coming along.
    (Sorry to hear about your chook getting run over though, that is v. sad. Some drivers eh, they just don’t care.)

  2. Laura says:

    As far as my own experience goes – goats don’t need to have a reason other than mayhem! Nice to meet you and I’m looking forward on keeping up with your journey.
    Laura x

  3. Judie says:

    All I know of farm critters are that when I try to take pictures of them, they show me their back side. We went to Wheeler Farms and I got lots and lots of butt shots. Except for one goat that looked like his hair (coat) had never been brushed. I called him the ‘dreaded’ goat.
    Doesn’t look like the link is working, but maybe it will. I’m technically challenged that way. *shrugs and smiles*

  4. Julie, milk from goats is actually wonderful, creamy stuff–if you’ve never tried it. Excellent! –and you can NOT beat goat cheese made from that nice, creamy milk. Goat milk It is also highly digestible for people that cannot drink cow’s milk –and there is a market for goat’s milk for invalids and babies and it commands a premium. Ask around. All of those ‘girls’ will come in handy when they mature. Chevon (goat meat) is also extremely good! The only drawbacks for goats are the highly odiferous billies (get someone ELSE to keep the billy) and the ‘keeping them out of the garden and off of your car and apple trees’ variety. They are SO intelligent. “:)

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